RFID Solutions

Security Gates

The Knowledge Horizon Security Gates have a 3-dimensional read range – they can read items when held in any orientation, making them much more effective than the standard 2D gates.

They are designed to have inserts placed in
the columns so libraries can tailor the look of
the gates to their own décor or corporate colours.

The security gates provide an audio and visual alarm, and there is also an optional voice-recording alarm.

The security gates have an inbuilt data logger to show you the details of any items that have alarmed the gates.

A 2-way optional people counter provides valuable reports on library traffic and usage.

Self Loan Station

  • Patrons want quick, easy check out, and immediate access to their account status.
  • The Knowledge Horizon Self Loan Station does just this – it’s designed to provide libraries with self check-out by offering patrons
    an attractive, easy to use, intuitive self loan station.
  • It has a huge antiglare 19” touchscreen, large benchtop to allow patrons to place bags and large numbers of books around them, and insertable customised artwork inserts in the tray and header.
  • The standard borrowing process is just 3 simple steps guided by LEDs highlighting when/where the patron interacts with
    the unit, for example when unlocking a DVD.
  • The Self Loan Station is completely intuitive, easy for anyone to follow and virtually error-free.
  • It has a huge range of language options and you can customise the borrowing steps and the look and feel of the screen.

DVD Unlocker

With the Knowledge Horizon Self Loan Station’s integrated DVD Unlocking Device, your DVDs can now be browsed, borrowed and brought home without compromising security or staff time.

The system uses OneTime™ DVD cases that protect both the DVD item as well as the RFID tag; so you can leave the DVD boxes on the shelves.


A mixture of books and DVDs can be placed on the borrowing pad – LED lights on the Self Loan Station guide the patron through the borrowing process.

An onscreen animation shows where to insert
the DVD case to be unlocked (it can be done in any orientation, avoiding errors or confusion).

The software is designed so that a DVD item cannot be unlocked unless it has been checked out.

Payment Options

Various payment gateways are available to enable the patron to pay fines and charges and is an excellent way to reduce patron debt. The following payment options are available to be integrated into the Self Loan Station:

  • EFTPOS: This gateway can be used to allow the patron to pay using their Bank Account via their savings or checking accounts. (A separate pinpad must be purchased.)
  • Third party cost recovery systems: Integration to selected third party cost recovery solution (such as photocopy vending and print release systems) is also possible.
  • Coin acceptor: A compact coin acceptor is available as an optional add-on.

Mobile Scanning Unit

The Knowledge Horizon Mobile Scanning Unit enables the library staff to perform a stocktake, to search for items and to switch the security status of items to “on”, without the need to remove items from the library shelving area or interrupt regular library services.

The Mobile Scanning Unit consists of a handheld wand plus a mobile phone – the two communicate using Bluetooth and do not have any external wires (other than a standard USB cable for data upload/download).

 it uses a “butterfly net” antenna and can read up to 12,000 items an hour.

Alert Lists are a way for you to be alerted to items (such as those on a missing items or weed list) whilst conducting a stocktake. In the event that an alert item is detected, a message will be displayed on the screen and a voice will emit from the mobile device informing the user of the item details.

Circulation Assistant

  • The Circulation Assistant converts a workstation to an RFID-enabled one. The Circulation Assistant software overlays a small screen over the LMS screen and toggling between issues and returns is automatic. When the LMS is changed from check in to check out, the Circulation Assistant automatically synchronises with the LMS and Visually identifies the change of status.  
  • The Circulation Assistant can process up to 5 items at a time, drastically speeding up circulation office functions.
  • This is also possible if the LMS only allows sequential processing; the software reads all the tags and feeds them to the LMS one by one but without losing any messages from the LMS. 
  • The Circulation Assistant monitors all pop-up screens that alert the operator when there is an exception (e.g. on hold or item to be weeded etc.).
  • When the pop-up screen appears the Circulation Assistant waits until the exception is dealt with by the librarian prior to populating the information for the next item.

Management Console: Parameters

  • It’s important for Library management staff to be able to manage, monitor and configure all the RFID equipment in the library.
  • The Management Console is the software used to install and configure the Knowledge Horizon Library RFID system and included free of charge with your suite of library RFID equipment.
  • The Management Console can be installed on any PC in the library and can be used by appropriate personnel as an administration and reporting tool. 
  • The Management Console has a huge range of configuration option that allow libraries to alter the look and feel of GUI, alter error messages and patron messages, change language translations, setup encoding parameters and many more options.