LIBERO software is full of exciting features that are constantly updated with new functionality being released on a regular basis.

We have a focus on continuous development with
the clear intention of maintaining our leading edge.

LIBERO will work on any interface and client platform.
LIBERO will work on a smartphone, a tablet or a PC.

You don’t need a circulation desk, you can simply carry your tablet and a bluetooth scanner and issue a book anywhere!


Built from the ground-up to be entirely accessible through a web browser, each LIBERO solution has been developed to optimise flexibility for our libraries, minimise click-through and maximise the useability of information services for users.

Libero – WebOpac


With the LIBERO WebOpac Members will enjoy a variety of ways to access the catalogue while staff will have easy management over library services, features and content to suit the needs of their members.

Library staff have ultimate control over the presentation of information and services available in the WebOPAC.

LIBERO allows you to personalise your interface to match corporate branding, include cover images, fonts, colours and menu structures to maximise appeal to your library user. Apply different style sheets to separate databases and configure settings to control access to features, services and content such as RSS feeds, online book sellers and self-circulation services available in LIBERO.

Digital content enrichment services

LIBERO interacts seamlessly with popular digital content enrichment services, is 100% web-based and mobile optimised, helping libraries worldwide navigate easily in the digital device arena. Continued product research and development leverages advantages offered by modern technology, and information management practice ensures LIBERO remains dynamic and relevant and functionally advanced.